Pranav's Student Experience and Advice for Making the Most of University Life at Greenwich

Pranav's Student Experience and Advice for Making the Most of University Life at Greenwich

University of Greenwich, I love the fact that the faculty does not just teach one school of thought or a biased view of the economy, it teaches us a more pluralistic approach and different branches of economic theories by connecting them to real life examples.

Pranav's Student Experience and Advice for Making the Most of University Life at Greenwich

Pranav Bhardi, an international student from Mumbai, India, pursuing BSc (Hons) Economics with Banking at the University of Greenwich, shares his experience and offers advice to students aiming to maximize their time at the university. Pranav was drawn to Greenwich for its renowned historical campus, which he had seen in movies, creating a special connection to the place. Additionally, the university's diverse community comprising students from around 130 countries further appealed to him.

According to Pranav, the Greenwich Students Union creates a strong sense of belonging and community, making it impossible to feel like an outsider. The university offers various societies that welcome students with similar backgrounds and foster cross-cultural learning and engagement in sports and other activities.

Recognizing the importance of economic literacy in understanding contemporary social and global issues such as inequality, poverty, and climate change, Pranav chose to study economics at Greenwich. He appreciates the university's teaching approach, which exposes students to a pluralistic perspective on economic theories and connects them to real-life examples, avoiding bias and providing a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Surprisingly, Pranav's favorite modules in his course are mathematics-related ones, including Quantitative Methods and Econometrics. Overcoming his initial fear of mathematics, he thanks Dr. Alex Guschanski for helping him view math differently and approach complex problems with confidence. Pranav's success in conquering his fear of math has been a transformative experience during his university journey.

Recently, Pranav started his placement as a Research Analyst Intern at International Data Corporation (IDC) UK. He describes IDC as a premier global provider of market intelligence and advisory services for technology markets, offering strategic insights to help clients achieve their business objectives. As a research analyst intern, Pranav supports the analysis of market dynamics in Europe for the Personal Computing and Devices Group. His responsibilities include collecting information on new product launches and existing product details through desk research.

Drawing from his experience, Pranav offers advice to fellow students. He encourages them to seize the numerous opportunities and benefits available at the University of Greenwich. Engaging in extracurricular activities of personal interest is crucial for developing valuable personal and professional skills. Pranav specifically recommends participating in the Career Mentoring Scheme and aiming to achieve as many points as possible through the Greenwich Employability Passport Scheme.

Pranav emphasizes the importance of asking questions and seeking guidance from staff members, student council members, and Greenwich brand ambassadors, as they are approachable and helpful. Lastly, he highlights the power of networking and advises students to remain open to building connections, as it can be an invaluable tool for personal and professional growth.

In conclusion, Pranav's student experience at the University of Greenwich has been enriched by the diverse community, engaging teaching approach, and overcoming personal challenges. He urges fellow students to take advantage of the university's opportunities, participate in extracurricular activities, seek guidance, and embrace networking to make the most of their time at Greenwich.

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